Utility Locating

We help our Edmonton-based clients locate all underground utility lines and pipelines for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal projects.

Utility Locating - Look Before You Dig!

Whether your project is renovation, moving or repairing utility lines, or a new construction – before you begin an excavation project, you need to know exactly where all underground lines are located.

Line location is a critical component of any excavation project, from municipal to residential, and more communities are implementing underground utility line systems for both safety and appearance purposes.

This means that depending on where you’re located, you might have anything from power lines to gas lines buried on your property. Private lines, such as water lines or sewer lines, may not be registered with provincial utility locators.

The danger of digging into a buried utility line can’t be overstated. Depending on the type of line and whether it is damaged, death or injury can occur, and damage is often costly.

Our Process:

The IVIS Construction Inc. team is experienced with utility locating services for private properties, and uses both ground penetration radar (GPR) and electromagnetic induction equipment (EMI) that allows us to create a detailed map of any buried lines on your property.

Using both EMI and GPR equipment also provides a comprehensive look at all lines underground. It’s important to note that a piece of EMI technology can’t see plastic lines or is usually restricted to a certain distance underground. GPR technology rounds out what EMI technology can’t see, such as pockets in the ground or manhole piping.

Once our team completes the location and mapping process, we then provide a custom map in electronic format for convenience.

Integrating Hydrovac Excavation

The IVIS Construction Inc. team can also provide the subsequent excavation after the utility locating service is complete.

We further mitigate risk to any underground utility lines by using hydro excavation, a low-impact and highly accurate method of excavation.

Additionally, the precision of hydrovac excavation not only allows us to further explore and map underground utility line infrastructure, but if the overall job is simply to move or repair the utility lines, hydrovac excavation takes what would be a large excavation dig and contains it to a pothole or two, which is easily repaired.

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Whether you’re starting a home renovation or municipal project in Edmonton, our team can help locate all underground lines that may stand in your way.

IVIS Construction Inc. Utility Locating Services:

Our team can help locate the following utility lines ahead of your next infrastructure project:

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