At IVIS Construction Inc, we offer specialized trenchless sewer repair services. Our dedicated technicians will work to ensure that repair methods are used which encourage the proficiency of a sewer system and enhance its quality. Trenchless sewer repair services involve inspecting the location of the current pipe by using a camera explicitly designed for this task, followed by drawing out the damaged pipe using technology specially made for pipe repair and replacement. We can then insert a new pipe, or tools used to repair the pipe, such as liners.

We offer an array of products related to trenchless sewer repair. Our technology and products include lateral renewal systems, which are liners that are inserted into  the pipe and work to protect it from water and tree roots. These are very durable products which protect the lifespan of a pipe and protect it from the elements. We also offer t-liners, which can be custom designed based on the size of each pipe. These liners are highly efficient and can last up to 100 years.

We offer a range of other services that are relevant to the maintenance and repair of sewers and related equipment, including the VAC-A-TEE®, which cleans out the sewer system and assists in it’s repair by removing any items blocking the system and impairing its ability to function. We also offer trenchless repair services for related structures, including manholes and culverts. We can also perform trenchless repairs on water lines and related systems.

There are many benefits of trenchless sewer repair services. They are an efficient, practical, and reasonably priced method of repairing sewer related technology without creating environmental damage or hazards. We can help you find the right product for your needs and ensure the quality and performance of sewer systems.

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