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High-Rail Service

IVIS Construction Inc. owns three High-Rail trucks that can service remote utility locations via rail, without having to use hundreds of feet of hose from a distant road access point.

Using High-Rail trucks, we can steam frozen culverts and remove a variety of debris from locations not commonly accessible by regular flusher trucks.

IVIS Construction Inc. also offers rail yard debris removal and spill clean up. Some restrictions may apply.

Benefits of High-Rail Service:

High Rise Kitchen Stack and Garbage Chute Flushing and Cleaning

IVIS Construction Inc. offers High Rise Kitchen Stack and Garbage Chute Flushing and Cleaning for clients in Edmonton and surrounding areas. We provide affordable solutions that are convenient for your building, your residents, and your management company.

Our cleaning services ensure that kitchen stacks are free of grease and other build-up, and that garage chutes are cleared of decaying garbage and left with minimal odour.

Benefits of High Rise Kitchen Stack Flushing and Cleaning:

Benefits of High Rise Garbage Chute Flushing and Cleaning:

CC Repairs

IVIS Construction Inc. is able to repair curb cocks (also known as CC, CC Valves, and Curb Cock) for municipalities and contractors without the need for full scale excavation. Repairs can be made through a small hydro-vac shaft.

A curb cock is the main water line valve used to shut off water in case of an emergency.

If a curb cock needs to be repaired, IVIS Construction Inc. will hydro excavate down to the cotter pin(s) and replace them.

CC repairs
Pipe bursting

Pipe Bursting

IVIS Construction Inc. offers clients with Pipe Bursting renewal service to aid in the replacement of underground pipes.

Pipe Bursting is a well-established method for the trenchless replacement of worn-out water and sewer pipelines.

As a trenchless pipe replacement method, this service offers significant savings and reduces surface disruption to public and private properties.

Smoke Testing for Cross Connections

Having sewer problems? One call to IVIS can help identify the problem and correct it!
IVIS employees reviewing plans for smoke testing for cross connections
VacCon Triple 1 truck

Vacuum Cleanout

As part of our commitment to the environment, we offer the following vacuum services:

Pipe Patch Certified

IVIS Construction Inc. is certified to perform patch-repairs on 45 º and 90º elbows in both lateral and main lines from 50mm – 900mm.

Pipe patching is designed to regain structure in badly damaged sections of pipe and reduce or eliminate infiltration.

IVIS employee working on a liner
custom work

Custom Work

Special Cleaning of Sewers

Speciality Equipment

Pipe Hunter

Our Pipe Hunter unit is designed to reach the un-reachable and fit the un-fittable!

The Pipe Hunter is a great alternative for operators when providing high-pressure flushing services in tight areas.

Pipe hunter


Our Cube unit is a standalone, self-contained piece of equipment that can withstand inclement weather and rugged environments.

The Cube is able to move into tight areas and is a great alternative for operators when providing CCTV services in remote locations.

Rental Equipment

Mandrel Rentals

IVIS Construction Inc. rents out mandrel equipment used to test pipe deflection in PVC lines of 6 inches to 30 inches.

When and why should you be checking your lines?

More Information on Deflection Testing:

Deflection Gauges

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