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As your premier sewer contractor, with over 24 years of industry experience, we are committed to providing cost-effective solutions to any underground infrastructure problem.

High Pressure Flushing

Our extensive fleet of VAC-CON® combo units allows us to perform a variety of high-pressure flushing services for industrial, commercial, and municipal clients.

Trenchless Technologies (CIPP)

IVIS Construction Inc. stands as an industry leader in trenchless technology, offering no-dig trenchless rehabilitation of existing pipeline and sewer infrastructure using Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP).

Hydro Excavation

Our extensive fleet of VAC-CON® combo units allows us to perform a variety of hydro-vac sewer services, as well as sewer drain cleaning for industrial, commercial, and municipal clients.

CCTV Inspections

IVIS Construction Inc.’s team of qualified CCTV (closed-circuit television) camera technicians are trained to inspect both main and lateral pipelines to identify underground infrastructure problems that may require attention.

Utility Locating

Before you dig, you need to know exactly where utility lines and underground pipelines are located. At IVIS Construction Inc., we are trained to locate and mark any underground lines for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal clients.

Mechanical Plumbing

IVIS Construction Inc. offers mechanical plumbing services for all residential and commercial clients. Even in extreme conditions, our experienced plumbers will be there to get the work done.

Did you know?

Our diverse portfolio allows us to deliver multiple services in a single service call.
To save you time and money, one call does it all.

High Rail Service

IVIS Construction Inc. has three quality High-Rail trucks that can service remote utility locations that are not commonly accessible by regular flusher trucks.

High-Rise Kitchen & Garbage Chute Flush & Cleaning

IVIS Construction Inc. offers kitchen-stack flushing and cleaning services for high-rises in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

CC Repairs

IVIS Construction Inc. is able to repair Curb Cocks (also known as CC, CC-valves, and Curb Stops) for municipalities and contractors.

Pipe Bursting

IVIS Construction Inc. offers Pipe Bursting renewal service to aid in the replacement of worn-out underground water and sewer pipes.

Smoke Testing For Cross Connections

IVIS Construction Inc. uses a method called “Smoke Testing” to identify cross connections between the storm and sanitary sewer lines.

Vacuum Clean Out

As part of our commitment to the environment, we offer vacuum services to remove debris from sumps and septic tanks, manholes, vaults, lift stations, and more.

Custom Work

IVIS Construction Inc. performs custom work such as robotic pipe conditioning and shaping, robotic-assisted equipment retrieval, and the removal of intruding cast iron, PVC, and clay tile without damage to the host pipe.

Pipe Patch Certified

IVIS Construction Inc. is certified to perform patch-repairs on 45 º and 90º elbows in both lateral and main lines.

Specialty Equipment

At IVIS Construction Inc. we are always expanding our fleet to service the specialized underground infrastructure needs of our clients. We are proud to offer a versatile collection of equipment for unusual projects and rugged environments.


IVIS Construction Inc. rents out mandrel equipment for testing pipe deflection in PVC lines of 6 inches to 30 inches.

“Please accept this response as written confirmation of my most favourable impressions of both Andy and Krystal… and also of IVIS Inc. as an indeed reputable company. Please note that Andy and Krystal came out to our project on September 26th, 2011, in order to CCTV/Locate and Root Clean our shared common/main sewer and storm lines. Throughout the entire process… I found them to be very professional, diligent, friendly and quite thorough. They took the time to answer my numerous questions – while offering helpful suggestions and possible solutions to the encountered/discovered problems with these shared sewer and storm lines. They also took the time to respond to certain additional inquiries and patiently worked around some of my neighbours… one being a somewhat worried and rather elderly lady. I was also suitably impressed by the well-equiped vehicle and by the first-rate equipment. Thanks to one and all!.”

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