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At IVIS Construction Inc, we provide you with an array of mechanical contracting services to suit your needs. Mechanical contractors offer repairs, replacements, and maintenance on a variety of systems, including plumbing-related equipment and underground pipes. We are equipped with the latest technology and practices for top quality results.We offer mechanical plumbing services for both residential and commercial locations. Our plumbing services include slow flowing drains, clogged lines, sewer line replacement, and emergency repairs. We also build, repair, and maintain boiler heating systems.

We can also provide you with municipal infrastructure services, construction maintenance, and trenchless pipe rehabilitation. Trenchless pipe rehabilitation is a process in which Cured-In-Place-Pipe, or CIPP, is used to restore the condition of infrastructure incatch basins, laterals, culverts, manholes, and storm lines. It is an ideal technique because it provides an answer to problems that include pipe deterioration and intrusion by the elements. It is a safe, practical, and environmentally friendly way of supporting the endurance of infrastructure.

We offer several variations of trenchless pipe rehabilitation, including no-dig trenchless pipe rehabilitation, which is ideal because it provides complete structural restoration and allows the pipe to begin working again within hours after the process has been completed. We can restore pipes that are between 3 to 72 inches in diameter, and we can re-line main and lateral line systems. We also support the upkeep of pipes by providing lateral renewal system services. We use LMK technologies products, which help to keep pipes clean and free of obstructions. These services are an excellent choice because they are watertight, root-tight, and can last up to 100 years.

Our team is committed to providing our customers with exceptional mechanical contracting services and using techniques and products that reflect our standard of excellence and meet provincial and federal requirements.

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