Line Locating Edmonton

At IVIS Construction Inc, we offer locating services for utility lines and pipelines in municipal, industrial, residential, and commercial settings. We can assist in locating power lines, gas lines, fibre optic lines, and sanitary lines. We can also locate storm lines, telecom lines, and water lines. We offer the mapping and reporting of diverse properties, as well as electronic delivery options.

Having utility lines located by a professional company is important because it makes the process safer and simpler. Technicians in our industry have specialized equipment to locate utility lines and other underground devices, which decreases the potential for injuries to occur and limits the time and energy needed to locate the items. By investing in line locating services by professionals, you can be confident that the job is going to be performed in an accurate way.
Investing in line locating services is also important because it allows a future contractor and construction employees to gain a thorough understanding of any potential risks involved in a building project, and to know which areas to take precaution in. This will ensure that the finished building is a safe and high-quality structure. It can also protect homeowners and make them aware of any lines located near their home. Hiring a professional is also important because having someone who is experienced perform this task will decrease the risk of damage to lines.

We have highly qualified, certified technicians who will work to locate underground devices, while preserving the condition of the surrounding space. We are dedicated to providing our customers with top quality service within their budget.