Hydro Excavation

IVIS Construction Inc. is proud to offer a large fleet of VAC-CON® Combo units, which allows us to provide a variety of hydro-vac services for our Edmonton-based clientele.

What is Hydro Excavation?

Hydrovac excavation is a less invasive means of removing dirt, identifying subsurface infrastructure (such as pipelines and utility lines), and removing debris. This is achieved with highly pressurized water and is considered a cost-effective and less destructive excavation method. 

The pressurized water softens and mixes with the soil or other ground matter, which results in a malleable slurry that is then fed into a receptacle via a hose – usually a large tank on the back of a truck.

The approach does not include any moving mechanical parts, except from the truck on which the hydrovac equipment is housed, making it safe for workers and anybody passing by.

How it Works

The highly pressurized water comes out of a handheld wand and almost functions as a jackhammer or knife. The initial stages of hydrovac excavation involve breaking up the soil with the stream of water to soften the ground. The vacuum function quickly removes the slurry created for easy access to the earth below. 

It’s easy to see how hydro excavation is the preferred excavation method by clients and contractors alike. Hydro excavation is much more streamlined and accurate than traditional methods of excavation.

Our Process

IVIS Construction Inc. is proud to operate and maintain a fleet of VAC-CON® Combo units. These units help us to provide a variety of hydro excavation services, including daylighting underground lines, pothole repair, and more for our industrial, commercial, and municipal clients.

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