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Hydro Excavation Edmonton

At IVIS Construction Inc, we offer hydro excavation services for Edmonton and the surrounding area. Hydro excavation is a process that is used to excavate soil, trench or locate underground utilities, and to prevent future damage and promote safety control. It is an efficient and damage-free process which uses high-pressure water and vacuuming techniques. Hydro excavation services are important because the practices involved form an organized method of repairing damaged underground structures, which can help to preserve their safety and functioning. We use many high-end products to perform our hydro excavation services. These include the VAC-CON® Combo unit, which performs hydro-vac sewer services, including sewer drain cleaning, in residential, commercial, and municipal settings.

The hydro excavation process involves various steps, each of which is performed carefully by our team. This process may involve the vacuuming and transfer of slurry, a substance that results from a mixture of soil and other contents from the ground and pressurized water, into debris. Other steps involved may include the removal of liquids, solids and semi-solids found on the line, as well as the elimination of debris from locations such as lift stations, manholes, septic tanks, and sumps. We also offer excavation on frozen ground using heated pressurized water, which allows us to perform our services year-round.

Our technicians are highly skilled and familiar with hydro excavation. Each member of our team is trained and certified via FORTIS Alberta high voltage power lines using bond mats. We will work in accordance with the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act to ensure that the hydro excavation process is performed in a way that meets provincial regulations. We have extensive knowledge and expertise performing these services, having applied our skills to diverse settings, and we are committed to providing each customer with exceptional service. As a highly respected company in Edmonton, you can trust us to take care of your hydro excavation needs.

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