High Pressure Flushing

IVIS Construction Inc. is proud to offer a large fleet of VAC-CON® Combo units, which allows us to provide hydro flushing services for our Edmonton customers.

What is Hydro Flushing?

High-pressure flushing, or hydro flushing, is a cleaning and debris removal procedure that uses highly pressurized water to clear blockages in underground pipe systems. Instead of drilling into the line externally, which can be costly and time consuming, high-pressure flushing allows us to speedily clear blockages without any damage to the pipe.

Hydro flushing is extremely useful for clearing tree and root debris from lines and pipes after the winter months or a storm, for thawing manholes or frozen pipes, and improving drain flow for clogged lines.

Our Process:

IVIS Construction Inc. operates a large fleet of VAC-CON® Combo units. These powerful combo units allow our team to provide a variety of hydrovac services, including high pressure flushing for frozen pipes, clogged lines, or lines clogged with roots or other debris. 

Our VAC-CON® Combo units have a flow capacity of 55 gallons per minute at 2000 to 3000 PSI, and can clear lines using both high and low-pressure flushing.

For our residential customers, we can flush lines up to 4 inches in diameter. For commercial, industrial, and municipal customers, we can flush lines from 6 inches in diameter. 

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