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We offer high pressure flushing services in Edmonton and the surrounding area. High pressure flushing is a procedure that involves the use of high-pressure water to remove substances or items which may be causing underground obstructions. Rather than drilling into the pipe or other underground structures, the water is used to clear any blocks, which makes it an efficient and safe process. High pressure flushing services are important for many reasons. They support the maintenance and of underground structures by ensuring that objects such as pipes are working properly. They also support the quality of the environment surrounding the structure by removing unpleasant odours and contents, and they support the cleanliness of a space.

We can provide this service in a variety of settings, including rural and urban environments. Our team can assist in urgent situations, which includes help with blockages, backups, and slow flowing drains. We can also assist with the elimination of roots and general blockages. Our technicians can extract solids, semi-solids, and liquids. We can also provide high pressure flushing services during colder months. These include thawing frozen lines, and thawing frozen catch basins, culverts, and manholes using heated pressurized wands.


At IVIS Construction Inc, our highly experienced team is committed to providing you with superior high-pressure flushing services. Our technicians will inspect the problem to ensure that we choose the best solution for you. We will work with you to create a plan that will suit your needs and work with your budget.

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