CCTV Inspection

We offer standardized closed-circuit television assessment of both main and lateral pipelines for our municipal, residential, and commercial clients in Edmonton.

What is CCTV Inspection?

CCTV inspection is the practice of viewing and assessing pipe damage by use of a closed-circuit television camera.

CCTV inspection is a lower cost and lower impact solution to exploratory diagnostics than excavation or removal of flooring or other structural material. Because the site is essentially undisturbed after diagnosing the issue, the owner can decide when to proceed with repairs at their leisure.

How it Works:

The camera technician will determine whether a main line inspection or lateral inspection is best suited for the project, and will insert a steerable camera in the most convenient entry point to remotely view the pipe.

A main line inspection is typically for lines 150mm to 1200mm in diameter, and cameras can explore line lengths up to 500m.

A lateral line inspection is suitable for lines 40mm to 200mm in diameter, and can explore lines up to 120m in length.

The team at IVIS Construction Inc. also uses a LAMP system, which is capable of inspecting lateral lines from the main line for up to 35m without needing actual inside access.

Our Process:

IVIS Construction Inc.’s team of qualified CCTV camera technicians are able to expertly inspect both main and lateral pipelines.

Our technology helps us to identify the exact location, depth, length, and type of pipe, and can detect any other underground infrastructure issues that may require attention.

All of IVIS Construction Inc.’s CCTV inspection operators have obtained their Pipe Assessment Certification Program (PACP) certificate. This training ensures that our clients receive standardized assessments of their underground systems.

The process is usually swift, and clients can expect to receive their results as soon as we’re able to move the video inspection data to either a DVD or USB drive. We also provide a detailed hard copy of our report which identifies damage, discrepancies, and any repairs needed in plain language. 

A CCTV inspection is essential to identify not only where a leak or other damage is within your pipe system, it allows our team to administer an effective solution right away, rather than continue with destructive exploratory efforts or guesswork that costs you time and money.

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Our team offers CCTV inspection services for all of our Edmonton clients, from residential to industrial. We have the tools you need to provide a safe, cost-effective, and thorough damage report.

IVIS Construction Inc. CCTV Inspection Services:

Here are just some of the issues a professional CCTV inspection can diagnose:

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