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Replacing Your Sewer Line: What Are the Advantages?

For many homeowners, having to consider replacing their sewer line feels like really bad luck. Maybe your sewer system is older and becoming prone to problems. Or, maybe you’ve uncovered problems with your sewer already, like clogs or cracks in the lines.    You may be worried about the time, inconvenience and expense that comes […]

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How a Sewer Line Inspection Works and What You Should Expect

There are lots of great reasons to get regular sewer line inspections (which are also called video pipe inspections). Regular inspections can uncover problems in your sewer line before they cause damage to your home (like overflowing toilets or sewer backups into your basement).    A professional sewer line inspection will also take out the […]

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Should You Get Your Drains Professionally Cleaned?

In a word, absolutely! In fact, many professional sewer contractors recommend having your drains cleaned every two years or so (and possibly more often if you have an older home).  Your drains are a crucial part of your home’s plumbing system. They carry everything from the stuff that gets flushed down the toilet to bits […]

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Buying a New Home? Here’s Why You Need a Sewer Inspection

For most people who are considering buying a home, getting a home inspection before sealing the deal is a no-brainer. You want to make sure the major parts of the house you want to buy—from its foundation to its electrical and plumbing systems—are all in good shape and in working order. But what about its […]

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Four Good Reasons to Get Regular Sewer Inspections

Getting your sewer system checked and cleaned regularly could really be worth your while. Since sewer lines are underground and out of sight, chances are you won’t spot a problem unless it’s too late. And, as far as problems within your home go, a sewer problem is one of the worst.Still not convinced? Here are […]

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Sewer Line VS (potable) Waterline

The plumbing in a house is designed to fulfill a wide variety of uses, utilizing a foray of pipes, valves, and tubing to get the job down. The two that most people are more aware of are the waterline and the sewer line. What most people aren’t aware of is that while the two systems […]

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Clogged Sewer Lines: What You Need to Know

Sewer lines help transport waste water from the home to underground sewer main lines. Whether it is from a kitchen drain, toilet or your bathroom tub, without proper maintenance, sewer line clogs and/backups could lead to raw sewage backing up out of the drains and lead to significant damage and high repair costs. […]

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The Benefits of Choosing CIPP

Underneath our homes, beneath our cities, and all over our country run an underground network of pipes and waterways that do everything from delivering us healthy drinking water to disposing of our sewage and waste. Due to reasons like the passage of time, the movement of weather, and the effects of erosion, the fact remains that Wastewater systems and infrastructures age. In large cities like Edmonton, where hundreds of thousands rely on local frameworks to ensure a basic quality of life, it’s integral that aging infrastructure is repaired in an expedient and efficient manner. […]

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Keeping a Garbage Chute Clean

When it comes to our garbage, we try our best not to think about our waste after it’s been bagged and disposed. In apartment buildings, office buildings, and other commercial sites across Edmonton, thousands of people create waste; put it in bags, and dispose of it through easy-to-access garbage chutes. […]

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