Shop Divisional Manager  

Job Description

The Shop Divisional Manager directly reports to the Service Superintendent and works collaboratively with manages for the Projects and Service Divisions to ensure that the Yard, Building and Equipment are maintained and operational on an ongoing basis and that issues are resolved quickly and fully in order to ensure the least amount of downtime possible for equipment that is generating the organization revenue.


The Shop Divisional Manager is responsible for ensuring that the day to day work of the mechanics, building, and yard and camera equipment is conducted in a manner that is efficient and timely to ensure that overall operations of the business are able to be conducted with minimal interruption to revenue streams. Costs are to be monitored tightly as this department does not generate any revenue and is strictly a cost center. Indeed it is the one area of business where efficiencies should be at their highest level.


This role also ensures that all regulatory compliances issues are met in regards to production, quality and safety in accordance with provincial and federal laws to the point where the company is not at risk of losing viability or reputation.  In order to accomplish these tasks, the Shop Divisional manager regularly collaborates with the CFO and Safety Manager.


Strategic Planning and Growth

  • Ensure that daily work within the department is monitored to ensure that strategic goals for the organization are carried through to fruition.
  • Keep up to date and develop a sound and detailed knowledge of various types of work processes being conducted and are research to ensure processes are improved upon regularly. This will be done by on site, managing by waking around and regularly viewing behavior of direct reports and the results of these behaviors and providing regular feedback.
  • Provide timely information required to the Service Superintendent to be able track and trend data that will lead to the reporting of KPI's for the department.
  • Participate in driving a high degree of cultural awareness surrounding ISO and continual process improvements. Ensure that team members are following approved processes for collection of improvement initiates through IOR submissions and follow up


  • Accounting/Finance
  • Works in cooperation with CFO and the Finance department in the development of annual budget based upon expected projections in communications with key stakeholders
  • Ensure that staff within the department is cognizant of costs and how to minimize unnecessary contingency costs through proper monitoring
  • Ensures that costs are kept within budget
  • Ensures that work orders match those in WINTAC and that WINTAC orders are modified to actual time spend on job so that billable time is captured accurately.
  • Sign offs on all work orders are pricing prior to handing off to Cost Accountant
  • Reviews all time for direct reports and ensures that time is captured appropriately.


  • Purchasing/Parts/Maintenance
  • Follow up with department managers on a bi-weekly basis to determine inventory and parts needs for the next two weeks
  • Create checklists and other items or proficiency to ensure that orders are submitted in a timely manner
  • Source best resources for best value when ordering products and/or outsourced services
  • Work with the Service Superintendent to ensure that  there is a standardized and approved level of inventory and parts to be kept in the parts store room, and on all service trucks, etc. at all times
  • Ensure bi-weekly reviews are held and that inventory levels are maintained accordingly
  • Order supplies, inventory and parts in accordance with approved procedures and through previously approved vendors.  New vendors must be approved by the Service Superintendent and Controller.
  • Manage purchase orders and appropriate job costing and approvals for all purchases. Ensure that all cost above budget or above $5000 are approved by COO and CFO. All cost over $10,000 must be approved by CEO as well.
  • All items are received, ensure that inventory matches packing slips and that backorders and overages/shortages are noted on PO's and that vendors are informed as to status.
  • Manage all returns and shipments for operations.
  • Ensure that inventory in Sage 50 and Fleet Maintenance is matched monthly and that quarterly spot audits are completed on all inventory items over $500 each
  • Provide Accounts Payable administrator to recognize and ensure that all documentation for accounting controls is in place and deficiencies in process are recognized early and brought to the attention of Senior Management.
  • Ensue that a monthly schedule ensures that all vehicles are checked for stocked items and missing items.
  • Ensure that proper sign out procedures and requisitions are completed for all inventory and parts items that are removed from inventory.
  • Ensure that requisitions are matched to work orders on a daily basis. requisitions should be received from the field staff at the end of the day for the next day.  Orders are processed in order of receipt.
  • Assist with and conduct annual inventory counts on a approved date prior t the beginning working date of the next year.
  • Review open PO report provided by Accounts payable Administrator for accuracy and sign off prior to providing CFO.
  • Ensure that when not in parts cage, the door is locked
  • Ensure that the parts room is maintained and organized regularly so to make for ease of finding items. Ensure that items are not left around shop, but are secured in the parts room at the end of each day.


  • Building Maintenance
  • Oversee Building Maintenance for the Shop, Reline by and Office and ensure that deficiencies are identified to Senior Management in an timely fashion. Conduct analysis to determine if damage occurred, who was responsible and when it occurred.
  • Keeps an ongoing list of shop cleaning and maintenance activities required so that when there are staff that require additional work at the end of a day that work orders can be generated to accomplish required tasks.
  • Carry out maintenance activities as described with in the Building and Yard Maintenance schedule developed in coordination with the Service Superintendent. 


  • Equipmenet Maintenance
  • Assign and ensure that equipment maintenance is carried out as described in the Annual Maintenance schedule developed in coordination with the Service Superintendent.
  • Ensure that Accidents/repairs are recorded in the Fleet Maintenance Program and repairs that are done in-house are documented on a work order and assigned to mechanics
  • Ensure that CVIP's are done and recorded in Fleet maintenance on tie and ahead of certification expiry dates.
  • Identify repairs required by communicating as a liaison between field staff and the mechanics, scheduling and prioritizing work and ensuring that all repairs require as little down time for equipment as possible to ensure maximized revenues.
  • Build relationships with the mechanics and field staff to ensure that there is a high degree of team effort to ensure that work is completed in a timely and accurate manner
  • Control key distribution for vehicles and equipment.


  • Operations
  • Oversees up to 10 direct reports to ensure that the Shop Activities are organized and managed smoothly, proactively and within the approved vision and strategic plan of the organization
  • Ensures that all staff feels valued, supported and well trained in all aspects of how to conduct their business activities efficiently and within appropriately controlled environments.
  • Ensure that there is daily oversight on all key control processes and that risks for fraud and lack of integrity within data, processes and systems is minimized.  If security issue is identified, immediately put in place a process to minimize further risk.
  • Work with Service Superintendent to provide information for delivery and feedback (positive and negative) at weekly Shop meetings, share results, expectations for the next week and key deliverables
  • Ensure that relationships with stakeholders, customers, vendors and the community are well maintained to secure current and future contracts.
  • Conduct performance evaluations on staff and provide ongoing coaching and feedback to ensure that the staff feels valued, trained  and guided toward best results.


  • Training and Development
  • Keep HR Manager and Safety and Training manager aware of training needs and assist with development of an annual schedule and budget for operational, soft skills and Safety Training.
  • Assist where necessary with operations for new and existing staff.
  • Sign off on all mechanic hours and ensure that apprenticeship requirements are being met.


  • Certification, Legal and regulatory Compliance
  • Ensure that changes required to SOP's and/or Work Instruction and/or process improvements are captured on a IOR and submitted at monthly  management meetings, along with desired solutions.
  • Ensure that all staff that report to you are meeting Safety compliance, adhere to company policies and are monitored to managed on performance of such.


  • HR
  • Ensure that employee issues are brought to the attentions of the Service Superintendent on a regular basis and that employee issues are addressed proactively at monthly manager meeting.


Wage Range: $70,000 - $85,000/year plus 1 - 3% profit sharing based upon agreed upon performance goals and meeting of budgetary requirements for cost management.

IVIS promotes from within.
Qualified employees will be given preference. 



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