Assistant Controller



Job Description

The Assistant Controller role is one that reports directly to the CFO and is designed as a succession planned roles for that position.  Therefore, the Assistance Controller role is one that is designed by nature to gradually increase in heavier workloads from Mid-level management responsibilities toward full scope Sr. Executive deliverable.  Pay increases will come with increased proficiency, completion of designation and ability to succeed the CFO in all key deliverables within a two to three year period of time.

Typical Duties

  • Key Deliverable with (30 days )
  • Oversee Accounts Payable and Cost accounting clerks participating and acting as hands on backup where needed through understanding of all processes.
  • Review Accounts Payable and Cost accounting clerks batch reports daily and return to Clerks by no later that 10:00 am day following submission (10 - 30 invoices daily each)
  • Collection of difficulty work order/customer accounts, keeping AR margining with approved guidelines by lenders.
  • Complete month end amortization, due to postings and appropriate journal entries.
  • Reconciliation of bank accounts for holding companies.
  • Once CFO has reviewed accounts for the month for necessary reallocations or reconciliations, prepare consolidated financial statement (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Covenant Documents, AP listing, AR listing) and provide to CFO for completion of narrative and submission to appropriate stakeholders.
  • Ensure that intercompany accounts balance; reconciliation monthly of due to accounts
  • Update prepaids schedules monthly
  • Update fixed asset and debt schedules monthly as additions and disposals occur.
  • Keep office and files in an organized manner for ease of access in absence.
  • Prepare GST and PST return for all three companies ahead of required processing dates and hand in to CFO for approval, processing and payment.


  • Key Deliverables (90 Days)
  • Train new accounting staff where necessary.
  • Ensure that all processes are efficient, documented and followed up on regularly to maintain integrity of data.
  • Maintain a full and comprehensive fixed asset and debt schedule.
  • Review chart of accounts to ensure appropriate classifications on a daily and monthly basis.
  • Assist with monthly updates to Balanced Scorecard as directed by CFO for Accounting Department.
  • Prepare WCB returns for all provinces for which we are participating ahead of required processing dates and hand in to CFO for approval, processing and payments.
  • Assist as a backup to CFO in regards to bank reconciliations and weekly cash flow projects and budgetary analysis.
  • Expand capabilities to oversee work of HR Manager in respect to Payroll Benefits administration oversight.
  • Maintain constant and ongoing communication with CFO to review overall accounting functions.


  • Key Deliverables (6 months)
  •  Reconcile main bank accounts for IVIS INC.
  • Oversee Bi-weekly accounting meetings.


  • Key Deliverables (1 Year)
  • Accept full accountability for all Accounting related day to day and month end functions of CFO.
  • Liaison with external auditor for preparation of year-end financial documents.


  • Key Deliverables (18 months)
  • Accept full accountability for all HR related day to day processes.


  • Key Deliverables (24 months)
  • Set up an action plan with CFO to ensure that remaining duties are trained/shadowed on.
  • Hire Assistant Controller to job shadow for a period of 6 - 12 months.


  • Key Deliverables (36 months)
  • Have a fully trained Assistant Controller in place to succeed your role.
  • Be prepared and ready to act as Acting CFO in coordination with part time exiting Financial Consultant  (Current CFO) for a period  up to 24 months.

  Required Training & Experience

Minimum 3 - 5 years solid hands on progressive accounting responsibility, including some demonstrated ability to lead other toward desired objectives and a firm resolve to complete designation no later than  Q4 2015.


Minimum two year diploma with a focus in accounting or business management.


Desirable Skill set: Demonstrated ability to think analytically and strategically, set up action plans and implement improvement initiatives.


Ability to work at an above average level of productivity within agreed upon timelines

Excellent communication , persuasive and conflict resolution skills.


Hours of Work

Monday - Friday 7:00am - 5:00pm, 1 hour paid lunch and overtime required


Wage Range: $60,000 - $75,000/year, 3 weeks paid vacation, 2 weeks unpaid vacation at Christmas break; 

11 General paid Holidays per year

Comprehensive management level Group Benefits available at 3 months

RRSP company matching up to 2.5% of income at one year

Discretionary performance bonuses after one year

Salary review at 6 months, 1 year and annually thereafter


IVIS promotes from within.
Qualified employees will be given preference. 




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